A Journey of Faith – Part 7 of 8

As was the practice, on Good Friday afternoon, we spent three hours on our knees in the chapel, reflecting on the crucified Christ. At St. John’s, there were no pads on the kneelers, and sitting down really wasn’t an option, so we got to share just a bit of discomfort ourselves. For me, I began […]

A Journey of Faith – Part 6 of 8

During my three years in Savannah (at St. John’s), I began to experience the beauty of the historic homes and culture.  I recall one Thursday afternoon (that was our “Saturday” when we could go to town) my best friend Frank and I went to see The Graduate, which had just come out, and of course was […]

A Journey of Faith – Part 5 of 8

Dad was a member of the Knights of Columbus (KofC), a Catholic fraternal organization, focused on supporting the church and engaging men in various outreach projects, fundraising for worthy causes and helping the poor and disadvantaged. With the 1960’s came heightened awareness of civil rights, and barriers began to come down. Dad told the story […]

A Journey of Faith – Part 4 of 8

Eighth grade graduation has always been a big deal in Catholic schools, and I still have our 1965 class picture, where we all got dressed up, all ready to make the next move, which in Augusta was Aquinas High School. The year before, Bishop McDonough of Savannah had confirmed us at St. Joseph’s, and beyond […]