Is this Heaven, or St. Simon’s Island?

“Welcome to St. Simon’s, which I like to call ‘the best view of heaven’” – a greeting to visitors offered at this morning’s Mass by Msgr. John Kenneally, Pastor of St. William Catholic Church on St. Simon’s Island, GA On this holiday weekend, we’re spending a couple of days at St. Simon’s Island. Among so […]

Learning to Be Content with God’s Blessings

My father Cliff came from a humble start in life, growing up in an orphanage, then transitioning to the US Army. In his early 20’s, Dad experienced World War II, and like many veterans of his generation, he never told us the whole story around what he witnessed. He married Mom as the post-war boom […]

A Mother’s Day Tribute

When we consider all the influencers in our lives, mothers unquestionably play a dominant role. My mom, Audrey, was no exception. Her life, cut short by cancer at age 56, was so impactful, particularly to my brother, two sisters, and me. Audrey Murray was born in the mountains of Pennsylvania. Her family struggled during the […]

Today’s Gospel – John 21: 1-19, A Call to Evangelization

In today’s gospel, we hear that Jesus again appeared to His apostles, reinforcing the reality of His overcoming death, while making it clear to Peter of what would be expected of him after Jesus left this world. Of course, the apostles would not come to terms completely with their role in spreading the good news […]