As a professed Lay Carmelite, I have come to better appreciate the impact of prayer, as this is near and dear to our Carmelite charism, along with contemplation, service and community.  In times of trial, we are often quick to invoke the name of Jesus and for us Catholics, even plead to a saint in heaven to intercede for us before Jesus.  We want action to address a matter of concern, and the sooner the better, right?  

Of course, we know God’s holds our petitions in his heart before we ever invoke his name. Prayer is cathartic, helping us find some measure of relief from placing our needs before God. The effectiveness of prayer ultimately rests on our belief that God will respond to our petitions, which is borne out of his infinite love, and relief is coming, although the time and manner may be different than what we might have thought. 

I have found that the concept of prayer unceasing, where we maintain of constant awareness of God’s presence in our lives, allows for live streaming if you will, of God’s direction and revelation.  As we become aware of our prayer needs and those of others, we can lift them up, no matter what else is distracting us. Of course, quiet time is still essential each day to take stock of God’s blessings, giving thanks, and seeking guidance and energy for the upcoming day.  

Because God lives in the present, always being tuned in to his grace and mercies gives us confidence that we are truly doing God’s will, and always being open to his direction. 

So, when things don’t go according to your plans, don’t panic, instead try to find some comfort, knowing that God already knows our needs, and will respond.  Allow your prayers to flow from a sense of confidence that our trust in God will see us through any challenge, and in thanksgiving, give glory to God the Father, who sacrificed his only son, Jesus, that we may be redeemed from our sins, and that we will be one with God in heaven.  Peace and joy will follow.  

Have a Blessed Week!  

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